Saturday, June 17, 2017

Biography Writing - #Year 4

Biography Writing Plan - Ruby.L - Lorde
Once you have chosen a person to write about, find out as much as you can about him or her.  Keep track of what you learn by completing the sections below.  

WALT communicate and inform the reader effectively (Level 2ii)
Purpose: to inform
Text type: Biography
Success Criteria (based on Kidspeak progressions)
  • I use a plan to organise my writing (structure)
  • I use specific words about the topic (vocabulary)
  • I write a variety of sentence lengths (sentence formation)
  • I support the main ideas with detail (content and ideas)
  • I attempt words I don’t know by using my sound/letter knowledge (spelling)
  • I use capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas for lists correctly. (punctuation)

Person’s Name
  • Lorde ( Real name Ella )

Information about this person’s childhood:
Lorde’s place of birth is Takapuna / Auckland. Lorde was also raised in Devonport
She became interested in music and then decided to make music / songs.
Lorde’s birthday is on November 7th in 1996 ( Age 18 ).
Her height is 1.65 meters.
Lorde’s parents name is called Sonja Yelich and Vic O'Connor.
Lorde went to Belmont intermediate school.
Her albums are Pure Heroine, The Love Club EP, Live In Concert.

Information about this person’s accomplishments:
Lorde became a musician by listening to songs when she was a little kid. She writes songs (Music) like Royals, Yellow flicker, Team, Tennis Court and Everybody wants to rule the world. The Washington Post said " Lorde is the first woman in 17 years to top Billboard's Alternative Chart."

Why is this person important:
She is famous because of her music that she has written and performed. Lorde won the grammy Awards for her single song “Royals,” It was the Best pop solo performance and the song of the Year ( In 2014 )  

Here is a Photo of Lorde

Art Trail - #Year 4


On Thursday the 27th of August, we went on an art trail with Room 11 and Room 10.  My group was Sienna J , Shontae, Emma J and I. In our group we had to have an adult, our adult's name was Eva. The art trail was when you went around town and answered questions. I think there were about 17 questions ( We didn't get them all right -but it was still fun ) Some questions were near paper plus and some were near my mum and dad's shop ( Cafe at Westermans ) 
I think the hardest question was to count how many triangles there were painted on the ground because my team got 27 and other teams got like 50 and I think the answer was like 49 (I don't know )
I really liked the art trail because we got to go around town and answer hard and easy questions. Another thing I liked about the art trail was the people who I was with, we worked together as a team and didn't leave anyone out. 

Here is a photo of me 

Camp Kaitawa

On March the 13th my class went to camp it was the best camp I have been on yet. Click the Link to read more about my wacky, fun and amazing trip away!

Camp Kaitawa Slide

Puppies in a Toilet - # Year 4

Once upon a time there was a toilet as big as a house.  In the toilet there was 5 little puppies.  One day the puppies were swimming in the toilet and a little pup accidentally pushed a little button and out of nowhere a red odd bubble appeared and the bubble was turning into a queen. But the queen was in the toilet too. Then the queen brought an apple and put it in the toilet and the 5th dog ate the apple and it died and sunk to the bottom. Then the EVIL queen got string and choked the 4th dog and the 4th dog sunk to the bottom too. After the 4th dog sunk to the bottom the 3rd and 2nd dog got concoction and died and floated around in the toilet. Then there was only one dog left. The queen  got a knife and swung it behind her head to get more power in the chop off, just before she was about to do the big chop... Olaf made a wish and his wish was I want the queen to die and I want the puppies to live. Everyone lived expect for the Queen!

Hundertwasser Art

This is my Hundertwasser art
My Hundertwasser art is bright and bold. I like my art because you see it from a long way a way. This art took a long time but I persevered and finished it. The hardest part about my art was coloring because we had to have it bold. My favorite design was the circles in the top right because they look bright and they stand out a lot. The one that isn't my favorite is the face in the bottom right because I couldn't get the right face color so now I don't like it that much but I love the finished product. So I hoped you learn't a little about my art and what was challenge and what was not :) 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hi I am back again

Hi I am back again, If you didn't know my name is Ruby. I am very athletic I love doing sports, and hanging out with friends and family. My favorite sport is  swimming I compete for a swimming club called SUNDEVILS my highest PB ( Personal Best ) is 10 seconds, I have got 8 medals and a couple of ribbons. In the holidays it was my birthday and for one of my presents I got a gumball machine and it was funny because my best friend got the same gumball machine as me. I also love reading Roald Dahl and David Williams books. These are my 10 favorite thing, I hope you enjoy :)
My 10 Favorite things are:
1. Cooking,  2. Swimming, 3.  Going To Camps, 4. Reading, 5. Hanging out with friends, 6. Maths, 7. Trampolines, 8. Netball, 9. Hockey, 10. Designing MY room.

Hopefully you like this Blog and you will come on it later in the year. I would really like some good, positive feedback and comments. :)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Kids Should Get Pocket Money

Success Criteria
  • I prepare for the writing task
  • My writing states my point of view and then includes three big reasons with detail.
  • Include simple and compound sentences.
  • Include some complex sentences.
  • Start most of my sentences with different words.
  • Include emotional and persuasive language.
  • I organise my ideas with supporting evidence into paragraphs
  • I record essential list words correctly.
  • I use basic punctuation correctly  .  ,  !  ?  ‘  ;  “  “

I am writing to persuade people that children should get pocket money for doing jobs around the house, I have 3 main points to support my argument.

Help When They Are Adults
If everyone gets money when they’re children they will learn how to save money for important things, and won’t have to learn to save when they are older and learn as children.  Everyone will soon make important decisions about what they need and want, they would buy food and a drink over a crazy pen.
Of course getting pocket money will definitely help with their education, because when you  get pocket money obviously you save it for a bit ( Then spend it ) Every dollar will help your future. Pocket money also helps with getting houses and cars and everything else you need when you are older.

Secondly, at school during maths your child will learn the value of money. Before children get pocket money, parents could go over rules about receiving pocket money. Children will also learn how to manage their budget wisely so they don’t go over it when they are older and hopefully they don’t forget what is was!
Furthermore, they will become careful when spending money and won’t spend on lollies, junk food and lots of stuff they don’t need. It is probably better to start giving pocket money to your children now so then they learn what they’re  spending their money on and don’t make mistakes when they are adults.

Learn How To Spend Wisely
I am sure that when children get pocket money they can save up to buy something that they have always wanted ( like a hoverboard )and then your parents won’t have to buy it for you. Sometimes parents let you down and say “No, sorry darling.” But when you save you can buy something with your own money and won’t be let down again by your parents ( I guess that is one way you couldn’t get into a fight with your parents) When children start getting pocket money they should start a savings and spending account, a savings account is when you have an account in the bank and it saves all your money for you. When you are a child your parents take care of your account. When I do my jobs and get pocket money my parents put a bit in my savings account and some to me  so then I don’t have to worry about a lot of money.

                I strongly believe that children should get pocket money for doing jobs around the house!